Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing catch up.....

I said that I was going to do good and keep up with my blog and I haven't done the best job yet but I am going to play catch up as much as I can. I also have some videos to post so hopefully they will all post correctly.

There are alot of pictures and they are pretty random but you will see what we have been up to lately.

Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry, they were taken with my camera phone.

Sweet Brady eating
Our beautiful Mackenzie posing
Our babies playing in the princess castle


At Brady's 12 month check-up, the doctor said he looked great. He weighed 22 pounds and 24.5 inches long. He is still pretty short. The doctor says that he could have a big growth spurt so not to worry about him being on the lower scale with his height.

Giving love to daddy

Brady LOVES to ride the 4-wheeler. This was actually Mackenzie's first birthday present from her daddy. We kept it for her but now she has outgrown it and Brady really likes to ride on it.


Me, Mackenzie and my mom went to the nail salon and got manicure's and pedicures one day. Mackenzie was so cute. She had alot of fun and me and mom enjoyed watching her.
Little poser


The MDO (Mother's Day Out) the kids go to doesn't have a summer program so they went to another MDO this summer. One reason was to get them out of the house. Mackenzie needed it and at that point, Brady had been with me 24/7 for 11 months so I thought it was time to get him into something that would help to transition him to MDO for the fall.

Here is Mackenzie with two of her teachers
Mackenzie really took up with this teacher. She absolutely loved her. One day this teacher was sick and that night while we were saying our prayers before bed, she was praying and said AMEN, then she said "oh, and please help Ms. A to feel better". I thought that was one of the sweetest things I have heard. I didn't even know that this teacher wasn't feeling well or even there that day.
These were Brady's teachers. He was ready to go and as you can see, he didn't want to take his picture. He really does love them but by the end of the day, he is always ready to go.

This was taken one Sunday morning before church

Mackenzie's first Christmas, my dad bought her this horse. As you can see, Brady and Mackenzie both really like to play with it.

I think that the dishwasher is a magnet for most children. Well it is no different for our little man. Any time the dishwasher door is down, he is right there. He really thinks it is funny to climb on it.

Check out the next picture..... I guess like MOTHER, like SON!!! HA HA!!
Me when I was little... yep... on the dishwasher
For the past two years, Mackenzie and I have gotten our hair CHOPPED off. It is just too hot to have it long. Mackenzie has been begging us to cut her hair really short. We told her that we wanted her to wait until at least after her dance recital. We waited a little longer before letting her get her hair cut but it was worth the wait. She looks so cute and she loves to shake her hair and look at herself in the mirror. A friend from middle school cuts hair and I caught back up with her on Facebook when I was still on there. Her shop is in Arkansas and she occasionally comes to Memphis to cut hair. It is just too hard to take Brady so she agreed to come to the house to cut our hair.

Our proud Mackenzie with her new do
My new do.... (finally... a picture just for you April!!) My hair is VERY short and doesn't look good in this picture but it was the best one I had. I hadn't washed it or styled it yet. It is alot cooler though.


I used to help out with the College and Career class at church and really enjoyed working with them. I completely overloaded my plate and had to let somethings go. Unfortunately, this was one thing that I had to let go. However, my friend Jess, who is the Sunday School teacher kept me on the email list and still invites me to things. One of the events was a Heber trip mainly to welcome the upcoming college freshman. Mike was sweet enough to let me go and watch the kids for the whole weekend. We left on a Friday morning and came back on Sunday night. We had a ton of fun!!! A couple from our church has a cabin there along with jet ski's and a boat so we were on the lake practically the whole weekend. I had SOOOO much fun.

Me and Jess the first night just chilling out
Playing Apples to Apples with everyone. Don't ask.... I have no idea. I always get caught with the weirdest faces in pictures.
Every night, these foxes would come up looking for food. It was really kind of neat that they were so comfortable to get so close.
Me, Emily and Jess
Kaitlyn and Mikki
Mikki, Kaitlyn, Me, Emily and Jess
The girls
Some of the kids playing air hockey
Emily playing air hockey
Me and Emily riding the jet ski
Jess and I tubing. Rachel was driving slow and taking it easy. Jess said, let's get up on our knees. Well, that was all it took for Rachel to take off and make us "pay":)
Here I am about to fall off and honestly, if Jess wouldn't have grabbed me and held onto me and pulled me back on, I would have been a goner.
We were giggling so hard that it was almost hard to hold on anyways but we managed to still hold on. I haven't giggled that hard in a VERY long time.
My turn to return the favor and save Jess!!!
Jess, Me and Catherine after we took off for the first time and weren't ready because we were talking and didn't pull back on the tube before we started. So... the tube went under and we all fell off. We had all just gotten back on and couldn't quit giggling
Just some shots of everyone in the lake hanging out
The lake where the cabin was was absolutely gorgeous!!!

NOTE TO SELF: NEVER leave the wipes out to where your 1 year old can get to them after changing his diaper and go in the other room to wash your hands for literally 2 minutes!!! This is what I came back to.
A couple of years ago for Christmas, Mackenzie got a camo tent. We have never gotten it out to play. I could tell that the kids were getting bored with the same old thing so I got it out and made a "make shift" tent. As you can see, it didn't matter to them what it looked like. They had fun anyways.

Since we could possibly be moving, I didn't sign Mackenzie back up for dance because I didn't want to start her and then have to pull her out in the middle of it. So, we decided to enroll her in soccer. Her first practice was this past Tuesday and I made her lay down and take a nap so she wouldn't be so rotten. She had not completely woken up yet and wasn't in the best mood at this point. The day before, we went to Dick's to get her "gear". She got to pick it all out and of course she wanted pink. She picked her cleats out, her socks and then we went to get her shin guards. I asked her if she wanted pink or black and she looked and me and said "black... uck.... I want pink" so we left with all pink. I asked Mike to put all of her stuff on because I had never played soccer before so I had no clue how any of the stuff was supposed to go on.
NOT a happy camper and didn't want her picture to be taken
Daddy and Brady playing during practice
Mackenzie had never even touched an actual soccer ball until this day but we bought her one and have been working with her. She is starting to get more comfortable with the ball and kicking or "dribbling" it.
Brady boy's little crush "Aubrey"
Jess is their coach

Mackenzie and Bailey. Bailey is Jess' daughter and I will have to say that she is going to be one heck of a soccer player. She is almost 4 and is great.
Brady and Mommy playing in the tent
Sibbling LOVE............... Don't worry, we were sitting in the car waiting... NOT DRIVING!!!

Can you tell that he loves his sissy and that she loves her bubby or "buddy" as she calls him

We were watching Ice Princess while Brady was taking his nap and she was "ice skating"

In the mornings, Brady is usually the first to get up (except Mike of course) and our morning routine is for me to put him in the bed with me until he is just too restless to sit there anymore. Brady LOVES to "play peek-a-boo" with our curtain since our bed is up against the window. It is the cutest thing ever. I hope that the video works on here. One morning I thought about grabbing my phone and taking a video.
Mackenzie grabbed this play hat and put it on the other day. I told Mike that she looked like she was ready to go to the Kentucky Derby.

The next video is of Brady eating a sucker. I don't give him suckers often but big sister Mackenzie was eating one and he was begging so I gave in. He loves to play with it while eating it.

Brady is starting to pronounce somethings or repeat things that we say. We were on our way home from church and had mentioned Aubrey's name and he started repeating it. I grabbed my phone so that we could get it.